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interesting art from everyday objects

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Darren Wershler, Superstar

Got this note and thought I would share it - Good luck to you all on the final project...

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Fri Nov 21, 2008 1:17 pm (PST)

Last night Darren Wershler shredded Kelly Writers House and lit up the U of Pennsylvania. It was the sort of tribute that one only wishes could happen in one's lifetime. In short, Darren was toasted, celebrated and worshiped by dozens of adoring fans.

The premise for the extensive art show was simple: take a concept of your choice from Tapeworm Foundry and realize it. So, for example, one girl took "andor do concrete poems in needlepoint" and actually made them. Another realized into beautiful paintings "andor use some squirt guns to paint a water colour picture"; and, of course, there was the classic response to "andor write a poem answering in order of occurrence all of the questions posed by ron silliman in sunset debris."

There was a long reading of the work by Darren and then an extensive group reading of sections of the piece by participants in the show.

There are photos online of the event and of the art works:

If you haven't read The Tapeworm Foundry, you can download it here:


Friday, November 21, 2008

Final Presentation Schedule

Thursday, December 4 from 4pm - 6pm
Roy James Brown
Julia Romanskaya
Caelin White
Alexandra Valle
Barney Patterson
Thomas East
Rachel Kennedy

Thursday, December 11 from 4pm - 6pm
Jack Heard
Allison Haggerty
Leticia Alcuran
Josie Adams
Ryan McGuffin
Bryn Cohn
Robin Newman

Thursday, November 20, 2008

An interesting artist who's work correlates with the Situational Aesthetics article, is Olafur Eliasson. I saw his show last year at the SFMoma, and was a great example of light, space, time, and the object. I think it is extremely important for artists to think about the time and place they are in but not necessarily making work for it. 

Guy Debord's book and film La Societe du Spectacle (Society of Spectacle) were very important parts of the situationist art/theory movement and very influential on the May 1968 riots in Paris

Christian Marclay mini documentary

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ok, so below are some sea creatures composed of letters and symbols found on the keyboard
and this is called Ascii art, and basically what i did was take this images and reproduced
them but with out every five steps so what you end up with is what is found below each of
the images.

, ,
/(_, ,_)\
\ _/ \_ /
// \\
\\ (@)(@) //
,===/ \===,
",===\ /===,"
" ,==='------'===, "

, ,
/(_, ,)\
\ _/ \ /
// \\
\\ (@(@) /
,=== \==,
",==\ /==,
,=='-----'==, "

\\ // / -^--\ |
|||| / /\_____/ /
{\ ______{ } /
{_}{\{\{\{| \=@____/
<{_{-{-{-{-| ====---- >>>
{ }{/{/{/{|______ _/=@_____
{/ { } \
|||| \ \______ \
// \\ \ _^_\ |

\\ / / -^-\ | ||| /\____//
{ ____{ } /
_}{\\{\{ \=@___/
{_{-{{-{- ===---->>>
{ }{{/{/|_____ _=@____
/ { }
|||| \ \____ \
//\\ ^_\ |

.---. ,,
,, / \ ;,,'
;, ; ( o o ) ; ;
;,';,,, \ \/ / ,; ;
,,, ;,,,,;;,` '-,;'''',,,'
;,, ;,, ,,,, ,; ,,,'';;,,;''';
;,,,; ~~' '';,,''',,;''''

.--- ,
, / ;'
, ; ( o o ; ;
;';,, \ / / ,;
,,, ;,,;;` -,;''',,'
;, ;,,,,, ,; ,,,';;,;'''
;,,; ~~ '',,'',,;'''


Dance...Taken There

Michael Cole, a former Merce Cunningham dancer created this animated dance film which I find to be quite stimulating.
Merce Cunningham is internationally renowned for the way he integrates computer software into the dance sphere through the Life Forms (now DanceForms) program.  He has employed DanceForms since 1991 as a tool to generate and choreograph his masterpieces without relying on the physical aspect of the creative process.  Perhaps when I am ninety, recovering in the hospital from my 4th hip replacement there will still be hope for artistic gratification....

also of interest

and as a counterpoint to some of the utopian techno-rhetoric:

Inventor: Lines are blurring between humans and machines

Tianamo BETA demo -- 3D Information Visualization

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week 10

For Class Week 10:
Various Articles...
Situational Aesthetics by Victor Burgin
The Future of Responsive Systems in Art by Jack Burnham
The Aesthetics of Intelligent Systems by Jack Burnham
Aesthetics of Information Visualization by Warren Sack
5 principles of new media (excerpt) by Lev Manovich

Note - You have to register on the site linked to with the last four articles - if anyone has troubles please contact me.

Post an Artist's Response to the Generative Blog by noon the day of class and print out your response to turn in during class.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I don't mean to be rude or smug or anything, but  it seems that Eno uses the generative model to write his lectures.  He seems to have several different ideas/references that he rearranges and recombines to make the same points in different ways again and again.  This perhaps points to a problem with the generative system as a creative strategy.  As he says himself there are no real surprises only subtle variations based on your inputs.  This means that a generative piece can remain consistent and self contained like any other art work, but rather than capturing a moment in time, it lives in time.  Maybe this is not really a problem, but it forces us to look at the art object in a different way.  If algorithms can really be expected to challenge the traditional art object than we can't simply present little chunks of them.  These arbitrary selections of potentially infinite or really long sequences are just like any other dead, captured objects or sounds.  I don't want my ipod to play 20 minuets of 'its gonna rain' I want it programmed in there so that each time I hear it I've plugged into a different section of its endless march through time.  

po em

this poem is a mixture of a recipe from the 50s and human embalming instructions.

Celestial Ham Satellites
Cut each ham slice into 6 wedge shaped pieces. 
Undress the body and place it on an embalming table.
On each of twelve 6-inch skewers thread a sausage link and one ham wedge.
Shave and set the facial features.
Drain Crab apples.Raise the carotid, femoral or brachial artery. 
Cook stirring occasionally.
Inject the embalming fluid into the artery and drain from the corresponding veins.
Place bacon on rack in pan.
Puncture and aspirate all of the major organs in the torso by using a trocar. 
Remove bacon to absorbent paper and immediately wrap 1 slice of bacon around each of 12 crab apples.
Wash the body.
Thread on skewers so as to secure ends of bacon.
Seal the incisions by stitching and applying liquid adhesive to the area. 
Brush ham wedges with syrup and place on pizza or jelly roll pans.
Dress the body in preparation for viewing. Brush ham with syrup before serving.

maybe i should stop listening to music

What if you couldn’t keep our eyes in our head
What if you lost five years
What if you found yourself working in a graveyard
What if you determined the fate of criminals
What if every one is better of dead
What if all vandals died
What if life is actually hard
What if you aren’t playing the real version
What if you could take it back
What if women made a George Jones out of you
What if the rumors in town have to do with you
What if you broke the DNA chain
What if memories don’t exist
What if there is a plan
What if she’s dumb
What if there was a queen
What if you went to art school
What if you were telepathic
What if you had a shotgun
What if you found yourself in charge of a Vietnamese baby
What if you were really captain
What if they talk about your baby
What if you couldn’t stop looking at the sun
What if you got horse fever blues(what ever that might be)
What if it wasn’t that way anymore
What if you were fucked up on amphetamines
What if your feet were all of a sudden off the ground
What if you were sung a lullaby every night
What if you got it made
What if high noon never ended
What if found yourself in underage sexual intercourse
What if it’s not because of evolution
What if your generation sucks
What if you get that germ caught in you eye
What if you grow old and become stuck on the inside looking out
What if Todd kills you
What if its not circumstantial evidence
What if you had to live in a funeral home
What if you got to move
What if you never come around
What if it jumps out of the dark
What if you tie a lie on me
What if zombies attack
What if you don’t love anyone
What if you breakdown
What if you know how it feels but it really doesn’t matter
What if perfume gets in your eyes
What if you get in a BMX crash
What if you just get drunk
What if you can’t climb out
What if you’re not brave to the new world

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Internally Generated Sequence

Walk into the room and inhale. 
Listen. All around to the universe bigger than yourself. Close your eyes and follow the warmth. Concentrate on your breath. Follow where the senses lead you. Never holding back, move  forward. Feel alone yet not empty. Swallow the flavor of panic. Touch the concentrated air above you. Be still. Be. 

Cellular Automata Sounds

This is a video using sounds that are generated based on the average cells per neighborhood of a living cell.

an examlpe of the noises i hear in this music:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Week 9

For Class Week 9:
Brian Eno, Generative Music and The Long Now.
Lecture Video
Summary of above Lecture
Further Development of above Lecture
The Long Now
Generative Music
more on Generative Music
Interview with Wired
Lester Bangs piece on Eno
Long Long Lecture on Games and Music

Post an Artist's Response to the Generative Blog by noon the day of class and print out your response to turn in during class.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

This is a conceptual paragraph


sentences et al

The specific function of modern didactic art has been to show that art does not reside in material entities, but in relations between people and between people and the components of their environment. Dread of space a common binary - a geologic conspiracy doesn't profit from words; it's another material, subject. An outmoded disavowal lingers, sidestepping nodes. An aesthetics beyond representation utilitarian , but unnecessary to demonstrate circuits. Geneological speed hybridized the immediate, making space for more boring art, or spatial analysis.

Conceptual Conceptuality

Conceptual Conceptualised

Enforcing a certain obstacles in the world of art is not something that can be evoked through just technique. It has something to do with the abstract nature of our society that we continue to leave unexplored. having not practiced this in my own art i am a hypocrite with these statements but that doesn't make them any less true, I'm retarded enough to know all the answers yet do the exact opposite of what is write, my conceptuality.
Keeping me from danger: Setting a rule for your playing space, then perform.

Project of Language

Project of Language : Science

"Hit a lope, running down the slope. Can't get back can't go ahead, look down the barrel and you dead dead dead." Almost as if having a mall table spoon, construct a small circle.

I've derived this method from a morning of fire.
From a wind of suffering.
From 1/2 cup of sugar spreading lightly upon the mussel.
End with a cup of oil, simmer lightly upon the scalp.
There is were you may find your rotted, beautiful, unowned, admired, empty self gratification of ones own insecurities named body.



What concepts the world as having to do with one image loosening it to describe something that resembles that of simplicity one real factor of this life is that for more then two decades I have had a thought No not a dream but just a thought that can be carried out carried into carried with and finally passed on throughout this time of great need of a game board and a breath a relaxation a chill set of marijuana I'm using that word because you are the world and you need to sleep Sleep on something without thought tonight meditation instead of a pill a substance for anxiety in other words fear acceptance the fear of acceptance of being accepted to be rejected through its most human sincerity It reaches far beneath the pain of struggling to find that word find that term in which one describes to be that of welcome to bullshit bullshit words your bullshit beliefs your bullshit face that only gives me the information of your abundant inability to tell me the fucking truth of the pupil in your eye that nods your head in agreement with what I speak paying no attention to a w0rd I say I say unto thee.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

conceptual rhythm project #1-3

Count: 1 2 3, 1 2 3, hold-hold. 
     1-2 1-2 1-2 1, 1 2, 1-1-1. 
             1 2 3-1-1 2. [Fast]
     1-1-1, hold-hold. [Everyone]

Conversation: 1. Follow me. Stop you, you constantly become aware.
  2. You, are not, a warrior.
  3. Believe in the power, of love.
  4. You have. Seen all of this before.
  5. You are a disgrace to mankind.
  6. Spiritual, harmonious universal.
  7. Dangerous times.
  8. Putting in, squares.
  9. Satisfy, your words not your ears.
  10. Taste the rainbow.
  11. Carve it out. Of chocolate.
       12. Take, no for an answer.

Rolling Sequence: Part 1. x    x    x    x    x

                                 Part 2.  x1a> xa
                 x3b> xb
               x5c> xc

Said and Done

She has been in here for like two hours.
Pinning the clothes to hangers.
He was in here for like 5 min.
Labeling the boxes.
Oh look, a kitty cat.
Talking on the phone.
Is it a boy or a girl.
Putting on silly hats.
Oh you should wear this.
She takes a picture.
A visitor came in the room.
I love John's music.
Cutting pants.
This song makes me happy.
Writing down the size.
We defenitely need a lot of those.
Hanging the shirts on new hangers.
It smells like onions.
Taking a break.
Oh you smell good. Is that you?
I sent and recieved text messages.
Oh no, he recorded over it.
Looked in the mirror.
Ooooo I like that.
And now its time to get out of here.

TV bores Me

"...Helping you buy better more pushup than ever before are we gonna talk all night the golden army how was your chicken sandwich after that it goes blank its the wrong chicken sandwich you always take her side its way better than fast food its wendys what is that green stuff the real deal favorite exiles is it always like this and answer the biggest question it all starts saturday at one on mtv 5 minutes i cant wait to get out there and show paris what we got im getting nervous for them whats up las vegas here tonight for a very special performance famously gorgeous showgirls newest additions stack up now on with the show marilyn monroe is a size 14 and im not i would always get mixed up i love performance it felt right at home ewww im really proud of the girls who else needs a hat this is really fun its just too hard of work i was like sweating i dont think paris is looking for us to hit every move right on schedule i forgot a lot of the dance moves i was ready with a smile on my face and worked it
im so impressed with all of you you all look beautiful the person who made me most proud was kayley you had confidence you look great and congratulations you will be immune from elimination and now heres the bad news the two of you up for discussion will be
attention everybody move it move it funniest family movie of the year motherfucker big pizza taste in a bitesize roll for your lighter days shift into something comfortable so youre always covered you make everything alright enjoy millions of songs and experience the freedom of rhapsody music without limits i never take my pants off damnt run because you did it hi i love submart you have four savory flavors kind of scratchy loaded with features my best friend the two of you up for discussion with be kiki and lauren, i have no idea why i should be up for elimination i dont know what i did wrong, i know im a good friend to people thanks everyone in order to be Paris' BFF, you cant get embarrassed and freak out, oh my god hi girls cute dress you all look beautiful love it we talked about this before sometimes you get just a little out of hand clowns and cotton candy manage the limelight at the spa it is not easy to grow thick skin but in this town it is absolutely necessary you completely broke down i am a completely genuine person im on my period right now it was just a really bad time to get that note you didnt take it seriously why should you say i just dont think you are taking this seriously it was about how you carried yourself, i guess i did lack confidence, you can be a real bitch sometimes like a really big bitch she could see right through me it caught me off guard and kind of hurt my feelings i have to be perfectly honest here i had gotten into the bed first kind of complaining about it i know her more why do you think kiki should go home there is really no reason why she should go home i dont know this is really hard for me just like if someone told me i know what i want i think ive heard enough the reunion of the island gives everybody differences you fucked brains just one i fucked you over never before seen footage on november 26 save your life transporter 3 where should we eat tonight urbanspoon nearby not tonight yah that sounds good thats the iphone solving life's dilemmas one app at a time on tuesday here i come rule breaking chicks superhero during this special edition if you like flavor dipped in bbq sauce the unique academy fashion and entertainment also offers classes in photographer personal styling and runway call me gym fitness including gymnastics, rock climbing, dance you could even hold your next party my best friend i think ive heard enough and this is such a hard choice for me i learned i love you both a lot you would let the media eat you alive you lost your composure yesterday are you as fragile as you seem i really want to get to know you better and i know i would be a good friend do you even want to get along with the rest of the girls this is a very hard choice to make but i can only i promise you have to laugh off the rumors its time for me to get back to my life still i feel another challenge coming on who wants to add boys to the mix next time i see you at the mansion i want to see wall to wall boys..."

39 text messages

So in the sprit of conceptual writing I have created a system for writing a critique on my social life through a compilation of sentences that google news produces when I enter in the first word of the 96 text messages I have in my phone in chronological order. So each sentence is the first sentence in the first search result of my google notes input of first words of text messages. Note all names that occur will be switched to my name or pronoun referring to myself. Oh yeah I will filter the search by only searching in the year of my birth.

The celebration of Christmas in the churches of the city will begin tomorrow noon with a traditional carol service in Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church at Broadway and Wall Street. The brother, Ryan McGuffin, had sought refuge in the United States Embassy after the revolt ended his family's rule. At 2:10 P.M. play was resumed in the international chess games between Congress and the House of Commons. The first paragraph is not available for this article. Add Ryan's name to the growing list of 3-year-olds heading for Baltimore for the 133rd Preakness Stakes at Pimlico on May 17. He has allotted France a ratio of 1-7-5. Few here believe that the McGuffin will bring back the America's Cup, but many hope that he will do so. With the Israeli and Palestinian publics exhausted from the violence that has torn that region for the last two years, their leaders have once again turned to negotiation. Ryan had a conference for two hours with President Roosevelt to-day. The submarine K-5, which was lost to her companion ships in a fog off Cape Romain, S.C., at one o'clock Sunday morning, was tonight reported to the Navy Department at 10 o'clock tonight as having been sighted twelve miles north of Jupiter Inlet, Florida. Giving advertising a macabre twist, Pacific Air Lines is seeking to lure passengers by selling spoof instead of frills. In many ways it will be the same. The following list of Business Firms are among the best and most reliable in the City of New-York. American and Foreign Silks. The infields of the Giants and Yankees, which will be on display in the big series opening at the Polo Grounds on Wednesday next, unless the Yanks fall down completely today and tomorrow, furnish an interesting study. A big vote is predicted at the special election tomorrow, when, after a bitter threecornered contest, which will long live in the political annals of the Badger State, the seat in the United States Senate which became vacant through the death of Paul O. Husting will be filled. Each Thursday at 2:30 P. M. the Aldermanic Committee on Public Thoroughfares is scheduled to meet in City Hall to consider what's in a name. Discovered in the wake of the Ryan's popularity and the subsequent garage rock revival, New York's art punk trio the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are comprised of singer Karen O, guitarist Nicolas Zinner, and drummer Brian Chase. The object of the investigation of the affairs of the Erie Railway by the representatives of the English stockholders, Messrs. J. Westlake and Ryan, has not been understood. At yesterday's hearing before Justice McAvoy on the perjury charge made against Him. The Royal Air Force this morning attacked the heart of Berlin's governmental center. His, swarthy, but pinched of face and clod in garments which were but he merest apology for protection against he grip-breeding weather of yesterday, walked timidly down the few steps that lead to the People's Restaurant. Under May skies that made the muddy Danube seem truly blue, Vienna last week relaxedly awaited its important visitors. The long-range guns bombarding Paris, according to a Vienna dispatch received here, are of Austrian manufacture, having been built at the Skoda factory. Ryan, the Food Administrator, was assured by the Railroad Administration tonight that all shipments of foodstuffs which he authorized would be handled by the railroads. The steam yacht Natalie, which was purchased in New-York and which sailed from Savannah Jan. 19 with arms and ammunition to be used by Gen. Mcguffin in an attempt to overthrow President Hippolyte of Haiti, has been captured by the Haitians and taken to a Haitian port. Discovered in the wake of the Ryan's popularity and the subsequent garage rock revival, New York's art punk trio the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are comprised of singer Karen O, guitarist Nicolas Zinner, and drummer Brian Chase. The first paragraph is not available for this article. An increasing number of fugitives were bursting out from behind the Iron Curtain with their clothes on fire. About a mile from this village is a small cottage-house, painted white, standing by the side of the road leading to the town of Sudbury, and looking like any house in the open country. But few expected to see the weapon that was called in last week. Whether the drug was administered with felonious intent the jury said in its verdict it was unable to determine. The North China Daily News declares it is established virtually that General McGuffin, leader of the Imperialist forces, is in German pay, says a Reuter despatch from Shanghai. Just days before Americans could expect to eat dinner without interruptions from unwanted telephone pitches, a federal judge handed a reprieve to telemarketers. I cut down 11 lbs of stomach fatevery 2 weeks by obeying this rule! We drive through the Coast Range toward the Oregon shore. If the silver men carry out their plan to-morrow the Republican Party will no longer have a majority in the United States Senate.

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Week 8

For Class Week 8:
Sol Lewitt's Paragraphs on Conceptual Art and Sentences on Conceptual Art, Systems Esthetics by Jack Burnham, Sentences on Conceptual Writing and Being Boring by Kenneth Goldsmith.

Post an Artist's Response to the Generative Blog by noon the day of class and print out your response to turn in during class.