Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Palms Out

Palms Out 

A. Stand
B. Look
C. Move your right hand above your head, now give us a yes and a no. 
D. Tie your shoes
E. Get your coat.
F. Move very quickly.
G. Exit. 

(A) I would never do that to you! (B) And you just stand there with your palms out as if I cant see all the chocolate on your hand. I'm not too sure what time she's coming home but if I were you I would suggest you wash your hands and head to the store. What time does the (C) the stores closed. No that, well... no were just done! No wait I can make it, (D) listen, ill be right back, (E) what flavor was that, (F) you don't know, OK , be right back (G).  

Repeat for the other independent vessel. 


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