Saturday, November 22, 2008

Darren Wershler, Superstar

Got this note and thought I would share it - Good luck to you all on the final project...

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Fri Nov 21, 2008 1:17 pm (PST)

Last night Darren Wershler shredded Kelly Writers House and lit up the U of Pennsylvania. It was the sort of tribute that one only wishes could happen in one's lifetime. In short, Darren was toasted, celebrated and worshiped by dozens of adoring fans.

The premise for the extensive art show was simple: take a concept of your choice from Tapeworm Foundry and realize it. So, for example, one girl took "andor do concrete poems in needlepoint" and actually made them. Another realized into beautiful paintings "andor use some squirt guns to paint a water colour picture"; and, of course, there was the classic response to "andor write a poem answering in order of occurrence all of the questions posed by ron silliman in sunset debris."

There was a long reading of the work by Darren and then an extensive group reading of sections of the piece by participants in the show.

There are photos online of the event and of the art works:

If you haven't read The Tapeworm Foundry, you can download it here:



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