Friday, December 05, 2008

Let computers write thier own code

Going back a bit to the Words made Flesh reading, I was interested in the idea of the machine designed to write every possibly book. Such a machine seems totally useless to me. The endless possible combination of letters and punctuation seems no more realized when printed out by such a machine then when an author imagines his story, drawing from the alphabet to make meaning. The machine's endless variations must still be read and contemplated by a second party for them to be put into action. Let the writer be the editor of this babel, as the human mind and hand must intercede at some point anyway. However, a computer which prints out every possible code seems like a good idea, as a computer code like the Word of God immediately becomes action.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I drink to ___________(fill in the blank)

I drink to have fun
I drink to cry
I drink to feel
I drink to not feel
I drink to forget
I drink to laugh
I drink to sleep
I drink to pass time
I drink to deal with you
I drink to deal with me
I drink to not be shy
I drink to have an excuse

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Palms Out

Palms Out 

A. Stand
B. Look
C. Move your right hand above your head, now give us a yes and a no. 
D. Tie your shoes
E. Get your coat.
F. Move very quickly.
G. Exit. 

(A) I would never do that to you! (B) And you just stand there with your palms out as if I cant see all the chocolate on your hand. I'm not too sure what time she's coming home but if I were you I would suggest you wash your hands and head to the store. What time does the (C) the stores closed. No that, well... no were just done! No wait I can make it, (D) listen, ill be right back, (E) what flavor was that, (F) you don't know, OK , be right back (G).  

Repeat for the other independent vessel. 

I saw you standing there.
I saw you.
I wasn't here.
I saw you.
Given theory of the ridiculousness, what you saw was a mere illusion, yes sir a mere  illusion. You stuff your belly with so much jellybeans.
I was eating bacon,egg and cheese sandwich.
Is there some sort of issue here?
The only issue is your own magnitude of energy, I suggest following something palpable, matter will not remain within  solid form. Ultimately it will grow and die. 
Yes I believe thats true. 

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Blender Array Test

the stillness, lighting, speed, angles, quantity, colors, backgrounds, proximity, etc. give a certain effect to the eye.
maybe with some music it would have a different feeling and texture.

a score for Jack Burnham

1. type a really long, totally original masterpiece using "textedit"
2. make the computer start reading it
3. close the window you started it in
4. do not save
5. let the computer finish reading the masterpiece to the audience
6. just that one time
7. before it is gone forever