Sunday, October 05, 2008

Week 4

For Class Week 4:
The UBUWEB :: Anthology of Conceptual Writing :: introduced and edited by Craig Douglas Dworkin.
Focus your attention on 3-5 different artists and base your Artist's Response on their work.

Post an Artist's Response to the Generative Blog by noon the day of class and print out your response to turn in during class.


Blogger caelin white said...

1. she said no no no no no no no on on on on on
yes yes yes yes yes ok no
ok no no no no ok yes

2. key:
lol- laugh out loud
omg- oh my god
brb- be right back

3. done and done
done and done
done and done
done and one

all of these are examples that relate to the artist. 1. Vito Acconci 2. Terry Atkinson and Michael Baldwin 3. John Baldessari

5:57 PM  
Blogger lalcuran said...

writing exercise:

take a book

keep the first and last chapters

take every other chapter in between and get rid of it

paste the remaining chapters together including the first and last


10:21 AM  

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