Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 3

For Class Week 3:
Fluxus Performance Workbook edited by Ken Friedman, Owen Smith and Lauren Sawchyn.
The link above is a direct link to download the pdf. The same link is also in the sidebar on the right. Focus your attention on 3-5 different artists and base your Artist's Response on their work.

Post an Artist's Response to the Generative Blog by noon the day of class and print out your response to turn in during class.


Blogger caelin white said...

every object is worth it's weight:
pick up a pencil, pretend it weighs 50 ibs. in front of 10 people

thank you:
dial a phone number ask whoever picks up what their favorite number is, thank them that many times.

find a partner and kiss until you break away

all of these experiences are ideas that I drew from different people. 1. lee heflin 2. davi det hompson 3. bob lens

4:55 PM  
Blogger lalcuran said...

things i see within 5 seconds

coffee stains
wire container
white hair
blue cords

10:15 AM  

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